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Meet the beekeeper that win an Oscar and other 21st Century Celebrities Beekeepers

Published by Macedonian Honey in 05. Lifestyle · 11/3/2016 08:41:00
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Let’s start:

1. Leonardo Di Caprio took up beekeeping to handle stress before the Oscars 2016. The 41-year-old was introduced to the hobby by his mother’s boyfriend David Ward as a means to deal with stress before the Oscars, reports Mirror. “Leo and David are really close and a few months ago Leo was telling him how hard it had been to relax with all the attention. David is a beekeeper in his spare time and told Leo it’s a great way to get lost in your own world,” The Sun newspaper quoted a source as saying.“Leo gave it a go and loved it. Now he has even built a few hives for his garden here. Beekeeping has helped take his mind off all the awards chat and has kept him chilled out,” the source added.

2. Matt Damon was made an honorary member of the BBKA (British Beekeepers' Association) after giving a talk to members in 2005. Damon learnt the art of beekeeping from his grandfather as a child, and although nowadays his busy lifestyle means he doesn't always get to tend to his bees personally, he employs a full-time beekeeper at his home in Florida and often gives gifts of fresh honey to friends and relatives.

3. Moby - Living on four acres in the Santa Monica Mountains, Moby is neighbor to bobcats, coyotes, and a couple of mountain lions—but he says his favorite wildlife are the bees that buzz around the hillside he’s planted with flowering shrubs such as Pride of Madeira. He says that a friend, who studies insects, estimates that about 30,000 bees that make their home on the property.

4. Nicole Richie After spending time with these beekeepers, I've decided I wanted to keep bees but keep them at my dad's house.” She Put Two Beehives At Her Dad Lionel Richie's House.

5. Scarlett Johansson The Hollywood A-list actress took up beekeeping when fellow actor Samuel L Jackson gave her a beehive full of bees as a wedding present.

6. Morgan Freeman converted his 124 acre ranch into a bee sanctuary to help save the bees. “There’s a concerted effort to bring bees back onto the planet…We do not realize that they are the foundation, I think, of the growth of the planet, the vegetation…”


7. Martha Stewart -  Beekeeping, as Martha puts it, has “something so romantic” about it that she was simply compelled to own her own hives As Martha writes, when she first started keeping bees, things were a bit easier than they are now. Bees have few natural enemies, and they largely take care of themselves and their hive. Lately, however, with the epidemic hive failures and disappearance of many colonies, beekeepers have new concerns about maintaining their hives. In fact, Martha’s own colony has experienced a collapse over the years as her own bees left in a “mass exodus,” and she had to re-establish much of the colony within her four hives, prompting her to send out her message to all other would-be keepers out there.

8. Flea - Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist is loving every moment working his 3 honeybee hives in his backyard, each holding more than 60,000 bees The reason: that's important ... no bees means no bee pollination = a lot less food.

9. First Lady Michelle Obama - set an example for the nation by banning bee-killing pesticides from the White House gardens and urging the EPA and Congress to take swift action to protect bees and other pollinators. The first-ever White House beehive has been installed. 70,000 bees near the new Kitchen Garden

10. Akie Abe The wife of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, has decided to establish a beehive at their official residence. First lady Akie Abe wants hives enough for up to 10,000 Japanese honeybees, right in the centre of Tokyo.

11. Camilla The Duchess of Cornwall has a new line of honey that’s homemade; it’s produced by bees in her country garden. The bees live at Camilla’s Ray Mill House in Wiltshire

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