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Our Principles

Macedonian Honey was founded in the certainty that there can be a better future for the honeybees. At this time, with Colony Collapse Disorder and a host of illnesses, mites and predators undermining the bees' health and endangering their survival, we have to think of them as patients in the emergency room – and we must start by asking the right questions. Instead of focusing on how much honey we can get from the bees we must ask what can be done to protect, strengthen and heal them.


Our few decades of life spent on this planet  are inextricably interwind with the life of this incredibly fascinating insect and the nature in which it plays an irreplaceable role. We strongly believe that beekeeping is not just a way to make a home for bees and to use the fruits of this noble insect. Beekeeping is a way to better understand the environment in which we live. 


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Macedonian Honey - through numbers



on high altitude where the flowers are pure and untouched...


Millions of Bees

from our apiaries are pollinating around. Additional 2,5 millions wild bees are swarming from our apiaries. 


Kg of Honey produced

Unique blend consist of pure honey + pollen, propolis, wax + vitamins, minerals + enzymes & antioxidants + phytonutrients


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Address1: 6261 Ehloec 41A, (Kicevo Municipality), Macedonia
Address2: Marsal Tito 72A, 2330 Berovo, Macedonia

Our partners and supporters 

We are fortunate to have fantastic partners and supporters who help make our work possible.