Just as the International Space Station serves as a home where crews of astronauts live in space, to help and improve the extent of human knowledge, we created a station where  supporters and fans from the whole world will be with us on the Mission to fight bee decline and make our planet great again! 

Create Environmental and Social Impact!

We invite you to safe our children’s future

Macedonian Honey

Urban beekeeping

Bees are sensitive to their environment, and are being considered as major “bio-indicators”, which makes it relevant to see them as an emblem for biodiversity. However, while biodiversity loss has become a threat, global urbanization has exponentially increased over the past few centuries.
The United Nations has projected the global urban population to rise to 68% of the world’s population by 2050, up from the current value of 55%.


Beenet.mk - What matters is what and from whom you buy

Connect consumers-businesses and beekeepers via an online platform. Expand the availability of local bee products to market, offering wide spectrum of services. Guaranteed quality, origin and delivery. 


Beekeeping Platform for small beekeepers in rural areas

Beekeepers, especially the many small hobby beekeepers among them, indirectly make a major contribution to preserving our domestic biodiversity.
The network Increases the chances for the smaller beekeepers, enhancing employment opportunities of local young people to pursue their beekeeping cost-effectively and in this way to reduce the decline in the bee population in the long term. 


IBS Crews to support biodiversity and stop species extinction

As a result of unsustainable human activities, the global population of wild species has fallen by 60% over the
last 40 years. About 1 million species are at the risk of extinction within decades, as communicated by the United
Nations. Biodiversity loss is happening at unprecedented rates, while also impacting human health worldwide. 

Macedonian Honey

Pollution monitoring, Improving the quality of air and soil pollution

To help meet the challenges of growing cities and the climate and ecological emergency, there must be a steep change in how development relates to our natural environment. The promotion of healthy ecosystems, green
infrastructure and nature-based solutions should be systematically integrated into urban planning.

Macedonian Honey

Landscape revival, Biodiversity net gain

Enhancing biodiversity in urban areas is integral to sustainable development, and Biodiversity Net Gain is an approach to embed and demonstrate biodiversity enhancement within development. It involves achieving measurable net gains that contribute
towards local and strategic biodiversity priorities.

Ecosystems exist in a delicate balance, with each animal, plant and organism dependent on others for its survival. Damage or loss to any part of the ecosystem can cause irreversible damage, making it less able to support life.



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