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Creating strong bees, resistant to climate change

Not all honey was created equal. 
There are few places in Europe where beekeeping is available above 1000 m.a.s.l. 
Macedonia, because of its unique mixture of Mediterranean and Continental climate is one of those places. Our bees are on 1600 in the wilderness, where are no agricultural activities and therefore no pesticides or any other pollutants in radius of 8 km. We use no chemichals, antibiotics, acids or any other harsh treatments in beekeeping. We use no filtering techniques in extraction of honey. Honey created from nectar collected from the herbs raised above 1000 m.a.s.l have 100 times more antibacterial properties then other... Thats why not all honey was created equal. 


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Macedonian Honey

FAMILY PACK                          25$

Each  pack contains a month supply or 30 honeysticks. Each honeystick contains just under 13 grams of carbs. These raw honeysticks are great for on-the-go nutrition. You can take them to work, use them to sweeten your tea/coffee, or even take them to the gym and eat during a workout.

PERSONAL PACK                    10$

Each pack contains 10 honeysticks. Each honeystick contains just under 13 grams of carbs and measures 13 cm long. It’s been said that a Tsp a day of raw honey may even help with fighting allergies. Whether this works for you or not, we believe eating a Tsp a day of raw honey will definitely make you smile more.


Souvenir pack contains 10 Honeystick's. Each Pack can be easily transformed in a postcard which you can keep for yourself to remember, or you can send to someone you love.

We have created 2 souvenir packs for you: Skopje and Kodzdadzik.


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You Provide , We Manage, You Enjoy, Bees Win

Fight against bee decline, support biodiversity and bee climate changer!


We invented a new beehive!

Conforms to the natural habits of the bees
and make work of the beekeeper easier 


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