Macedonian Honey

Creating strong bees - resistant to climate change

Our objective is to create tools, activities and equipment for beekeeping for 21-st century. Our solutions are for those who believe that beekeeping is much more than just getting honey, but the operation that puts the welfare of bees, people and nature as a whole at a first place. 

Macedonian Honey is founded with the idea that there can be a better future for the honeybees. As family owned company together with friends, we work toward creating an sustainable system that will allow bees to fight efficiently their predators and diseases.
Our mission is to develop projects and offer services on how to boost biodiversity, food diversity and the well-being of everyone by protecting bees, via a global, innovative and scientific approach. To drastically reduce direct expenses of the beekeeping. To create new beekeeping sustainable practices and creating additional services by using digital technologies.

There are fewer and fewer bee populations around the world; there are fewer new beekeepers starting out, pesticides are used extensively in crop cultivation, and then there is the issue of climate change. Bee decline is a global problem - Beekeeping methods with the beekeeping equipment treating a bee colony as cattle to exploit more and more, results that the number of bee colonies are declining in faster rate than ever.

While many people can do without their share of honey, they are unaware that bees play an important and crucial role in growing fruit and vegetables. Bees are responsible for 70% of pollination. We also need bees for the propagation and preservation of wild flowers, herbs and plants. Eventually, without bees, there will also be no milk and cheese.”  

Protecting endangered honeybee is not an altruistic venture – we are attempting to safeguard our own future.

Elle Hive

New innovative beehive for all beekeeping operations.

First European Beehive designed and awarded in 21st century.

International Bee Stations

Create Environmental and Social Impact!



Project to save the honey bee and support biodiversity.

Beekeepers, especially the many small hobby beekeepers among them, indirectly make a major contribution to preserving our domestic biodiversity.