Embassy of Spain

Crew achievment at International BeeStation
May/June 2018

Positive Impact on Biodiversity
(700 Ha)
1,000,000,000 plants
Home for 60,000 bees
(on average)

With its support, Embassy of Spain and H.E Ambassador D. Emilio Lorenzo Serra, actively is contributing to the preservation and stimulation of biodiversity. We are absolutely thrilled to work with a organisation that defends the values we hold dear!

  1. On the beginning of May new bee colony was formed, new bee -queen was born. A month and half later, this new colony has developed itself in a happy colony with app. 30,000 bees, flying around searching for pollen and nectar raising their young members and pollinating wild flowers.
  2. We have celebrated together the first world bee-day, declared a s such by the General Assembly of the UN. For that occasion we have created a flyer with the drawing made by IBS youngest member – Sara Fidanoska, (9 years old) about biodiversity and importance of pollinators on preserving biodiversity.
  3. Newsletters were created and sent to over 500 recipients promoting the life of a honey bee and their delicate and important role in the nature. The logo of the Embassy was present in all those newsletters proudly indicating the support you provide for wild animals and nature.
  4. 15 Boxes of Honey specialy designed for Embassy of Spain were distributed. An excellent gift for all your partners and friends (you can use it in your “gift box” along with other conventional promotional materials)
  5. At last but not least, with your support, you have created a positive impact on the area of 700 Ha, 8 billions flowers will be pollinated by the end of the season , and number of bees in the colony will be doubled. We are proudly sending you the certificate to acknowledge the impact you created so far.

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