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What to Take on a Weekend Camping Trip

Published by in 05. Lifestyle · 28/6/2016 11:40:00
Tags: camping;tent;outside;mountain;checklist;mountainsummer

If you are new to camping, it's worth getting a hold of the bare essentials (or borrowing from others if possible). If you find that you enjoy camping, then over time you will be able to build up your kit and create a home away from home.

You may have heard a few different names mentioned when it comes to camping.

  • Campsite Camping
This type of camping includes any camper that has paid for a pitch on a campsite for a period of time, ranging from groups of friends, to couples, through to large families.
  • Festival Camping
Festival camps come in different shapes and sizes, but one thing most will have in common is that you've got to get all your festival gear from a car park to the campsite 
  • Wild Camping
Wild camping is the idea of heading out camping, only taking with you what you can comfortably carry in your rucksack camp in a minimalist way at night.

  • Dry camping
Dry camping is camping at a site without a reliable preexisting water source. Dry camping is very common in deserts, and is often preferred due to the risk of flash floods.
  • Glamping
Glamorous camping is the luxurious side of camping. Glamping can include booking into pre-pitched sites. Glamping is a good idea for those of you who may not like the idea of 'roughing' it in your own tent, and like a little more luxury from your holidays.
We cover a comfortable camping checklist on the link below.

We recommend taking our checklist as a starting point and adding/removing to fit your needs.
What are your tricks for an excellent camping trip?

Што да се спакува за викенд кампување?

Published by in 05. Lifestyle · 28/6/2016 11:05:00
Tags: camping;tent;outside;mountain;checklist;mountainsummer
За Вас подготвивме листа на работи потребни за удобно кампување
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