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Does your business want to help our struggling pollinators and gain positive PR all at the same time? Do you need interesting content for your company’s blog or Facebook page?

Do you want to get involved in something that’ll make a difference in the world and bring the whole office together in a common cause? We have the answer for you.



Honeybees are responsible for the majority of “pollination services” to flowering plants.
Any major decline of the pollinating insects’ population would therefore have a dramatic impact on biodiversity. 
A world without pollinators would be devastating for food production. and decreased biodiversity can lead to increased transmission of diseases to humans and increased healthcare costs. Our ecosystems sustain us and our economies - purifying our drinking water, producing our food and regulating our climate. Climate change and biodiversity are inextricably linked. We ignore natural capital at our peril. 
We are in danger of approaching "a point of no return". 

When species go extinct they don't come back - there never was "a point of return" in the first place.

The only species that will survive this mass extinction will be those species that benefit from our presence.

We need to seize the opportunity to stop the damage to nature and biodiversity.

Get your place at first International Bee-Station

"Bee the change you wish to see in the world"
Mahatma Gandhi 

Easy and Simple

Many businesses and organisations are now focused on ethical, green and sustainable aspects of their business. This is an innovative way to have your own bee sanctuary and corporate honey gifts.


Make the IMPACT

Make your organisation as environmentally friendly as possible. The hives allow businesses to display a clear commitment to sustainability, biodiversity support and climate changes impact.

Get a Reward

Why not keep your honey for employee rewards or corporate gifts, use in an on-site kitchen, or donate it to a community cause?

We need all the help we can get to cultivate our bees throughout the year. Our bees struggle to survive and work hard to help pollinate our crops and visit flowers. We work hard to protect them and want to get you involved. 
By entering at the International Bee-Station (IBS) you work with us to a healthy future. So we accelerate up the transition to a sustainable society and gives you practical meaning to your CSR policy.
When your organization or business participate at IBS you’ll get your name or company logo mounted to the front of the hive. Every month you’ll get an update on the progress of the hive, what’s been going on, and where they’re headed. Along with the report, you’ll also receive pictures or video to help support the story. You’ll then be able to use this fascinating content on your companies website or social media channel! You get to show the world how your company is making a difference in protecting pollinators. We’ll even let you name the queen bee!

Participating is easy. We’ll even give you a code for your office to buy honey at a discount!

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