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World Bee Day

Published by Macedonian Honey in 11. Environment · 20/5/2018 15:15:00
Tags: InternationalBeeStation;bees;environment;climate;biodiversity;WorldBeeDay;FAO;UN;

A Road To Honey

Published by Macedonian Honey in 11. Environment · 16/5/2018 14:52:00
Tags: InternationalBeeStation;bees;environment;climate;predator;spider;wasp;beeeater;InternationalBeeStation

Bee's Kingdom - Apis Mellifera

Published by Macedonian Honey in 11. Environment · 8/5/2018 14:36:00
Tags: InternationalBeeStation;bees;environment;climate;ApisMellifera;Macedonica;honeybees;Apis

Со храна против стареење

5 Намирници со подмладувачки својства

7 Golden Rules when approaching IBS

Published by Macedonian Honey in 11. Environment · 30/4/2018 15:12:00
Tags: InternationalBeeStation;bees;environment;climate;rules;bananas

It's a Earth Day Let save bees together

Published by Macedonian Honey in 11. Environment · 22/4/2018 12:07:00
Tags: environment;biodiversity;InternationalBeeStation;bees;climate

За коса без првут, научниците советуваат маска од мед

Published by in 08. Beauty · 12/4/2018 13:13:00
Tags: коса;третман;првут;природно
Медот има антибактериски, антифунгални и антиоксидантни активности и има висока хранлива вредност.

Тренинг план за планинска велосипедска тура

Mountain bike training plan

Published by in 02. Cycling · 12/3/2018 09:16:00
Tags: mountainbike;training;endurance;tips;nature;cycling

6 benefits of just 30 minutes running

Published by in 04. Running · 6/3/2018 12:21:00
Tags: running;insomnia;happiness;fatburn;
The perfect running fuel, honey's natural unrefined sugars are easily absorbed by the body.

6 Придобивки за Вашето тело со само половина час трчање

Медот е совршено гориво за трчање бидејќи содржи природени шеќери, кои телото ефикасно ги апсорбира.

Bak Kwa a must have snack for Chinese New Year

Published by in 06. Cooking Ideas · 15/2/2018 10:33:00
Tags: chinesenewyear;bakkwa;honey;festive;chinese;recipe;snack;肉干
Bak Kwa is the word for dried meat. Not only it’s soft and juicy, it has this sweet and savory flavor. Also the homemade Bak Kwa is a lot healthier than the commercial version because there is no preservatives and less sodium is used.
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