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How To Train For SKI Season

Published by in 10. Winter/summer sports · 23/11/2016 09:15:00
Tags: infographics;skiing;wintersport;winter;workout
Winter is here and the snow is starting to fall across the ski resorts. 
Are you one of those snow fanatics who love traversing the slopes with adrenalin pumping in your heart and a great deal of strength flowing throughout your body? Adventure come in many forms, whether it be in seeking heart thumping activities such as skiing.
Check out the following infographic to learn more about an ideal training programme.

How to Choose the Perfect Workout Music Mix

Published by in 05. Lifestyle · 16/6/2016 08:44:00
Tags: infographicscardioyogapilatesworkoutmusic

Wanna burn calories? Try hiking

Published by in 03. Hiking · 29/3/2016 11:32:00
Tags: outdoorhikingcardioweightlossworkout
Your ultimate workout isn't at the gym, in an air-conditioned studio or on the treadmill in your basement—it's waiting for you in the great outdoors.

Сакате ефикасно да согорите калории? Пробајте планинарење

Published by Macedonian Honey in 03. Hiking · 29/3/2016 10:43:00
Tags: outdoorhikingcardioweightlossworkout
Вашиот ултимативен простор за вежбање не е во климатизирана просторија , туку надвор на отворено.
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