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How to React to a Wildlife Encounter

Published by in 03. Hiking · 20/10/2016 09:48:00
Tags: wildlife;honey;stress;animal;wolf;bear;cougar;infographic
It’s a situation you never want to find yourself in. Every animal responds differently to human interaction, but a general rule of thumb for any wildlife encounter is be prepared and look for signs.
Even if you aren't an avid outdoorsman, it is good to know what animals call your neck of the woods home and what to do if you should even encounter one when you have decided to take on a nature walk into the woods. We all share this planet and it is important to know non-violent ways of scaring off would-be predators that doesn't end in bloodshed.


Even with this infographic, remember no matter how prepared you are, expect the unexpected.
Afterwards, take a Honeystick to relieve anxiety and stress.

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