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How to Ease Sore Muscles After a Day on the Mountain

Published by in 10. Winter/summer sports · 4/1/2016 12:38:00
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It is very common to wake up with stiff muscles the morning after a long day of skiing or snowboarding, especially early in the ski season because your body is not yet adapted to the demands placed on it during these popular winter sports.
After intensive skiing or snowboarding, your muscles are full of metabolic waste- lactic acid mostly. These toxins are partly to blame for sore muscles and causing you pain. Resist the urge to collapse in the nearest chair. Instead, to help muscle recovery:
    • Drinking low-sugar (mix Honeystick with warm water), caffeine-free sports drinksthat provide electrolytes will help. If you did not drink fluids while exerting yourself skiing, your muscles could be sore from an electrolyte imbalance.        
    • Ice those muscles if you think you overdid it. Icing your muscles in 10 minute sections may sound like a crazy idea in the freezing weather, but heating up in a hot tub or sauna can land you in the metaphorical hot water of muscle soreness.        
    • Elevate your legs to prevent inflammation. Intense blood flow to a sore area, known as oedema, is part of the pain of soreness. Raising your legs above your heart will slow the blood that is rushing to fix your muscles.        
    • Massage tight areas or better yet, pay a professional or have a kind friend do it for you.        
    • Doing light exercise like walking may help to ease aches too.
    • If you're really in bad shape, don't be afraid to pop some OTC meds such as Ibuprofen. It'll help reduce swelling and soreness

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