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Peppermint tea for more energy in the morning

Published by in 01. Health · 13/1/2020 12:09:00
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Native to Europe, peppermint tea and the invigorating menthol flavor makes this tea one of the most popular.
Caffeine free teas will help you energize, purify, de-stress, increase alertness and improve mood and memory. In combination with honey, healthy eating habits, regular quality sleep and exercise, they may enhance the quality of life. Peppermint tea is a top herbal choice for instant refreshment. 
Research shows that peppermint tea might increase alertness, making it a great choice for a morning alternative to caffeinated drinks.

Be prepared for your morning meetings
When it comes to relieving stress and anxiety, peppermint tea is one of the best allies. The  menthol present in the herb is known to be a muscle relaxant and is antispasmodic in nature, helping you relax amidst ongoing mental stress.

Most mouth fresheners have peppermint in it. The active oil known as menthol present in the tea promotes fresh breath. Its antibacterial properties help wash off any possible plaque that leads to foul smell.

Thanks to the menthol present in peppermint that helps soothe the stomach and relieve digestion process.

Peppermint can help treat dandruff by reducing itchiness and soothing dry scalps. For best results, wash hair using peppermint tea and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing.

Fresh peppermint leaves should be harvested in the morning when the leaves are still dewy for maximum health benefits. Hang the leaves until they dry completely and then store in an airtight jar until brewing.

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