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Pre - ride smoothie

Published by in 07. Cocktails & smoothies · 19/10/2017 12:28:00
Tags: mango;banana;honey;smoothieorangeeasycycling

Mango, banana, orange juice, honey. Simple! If you're in a rush in the morning this is a great option for starting your day. The banana has slow-release carbohydrates, and the sugar in the orange juice, mango and honey will give you some get-up-and-go energy.

  • 2 mangoes
  • 2 bananas 
  • 600ml chilled orange juice 
  • 2 Honeysticks 

Peel and cut the mangoes and bananas into chunks, then put them in a blender with the orange juice and honey. Whizz until smooth. Enjoy!

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