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Why You Should Use Your Bicycle in Winter?

Published by in 02. Cycling · 1/12/2016 10:42:00
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The idea that winter cycling is reserved for extreme, hard-core people is a misconception. Many winter cyclists said if they dressed warm and are careful, it’s actually quite a pleasant and fun experience.
An estimated one billion people ride bicycles every day – for transport, recreation and sport.  
Cycling is one of the easiest ways to fit exercise into your daily routine because it's also a form of transport.Cycling is a healthy exercise that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from young children to older adults. It's a low-impact type of exercise, so it's easier on your joints than running or other high-impact aerobic activities.

This is a list of other advantages for cycling in winter:

1.   BOOST your confidence -  To know that the cold can’t beat you.

2.   SAVE time - You never have trouble finding bike parking.

3.   BOOST your immune system - You’re more likely to avoid colds and the dreaded flu by using independent transportation, and staying active.

4.   MORE respect - Friends and peers may think you’re nuts, but they’re secretly impressed!

5.   BOOST your soul - Staying active helps keep your spirits up on even the shortest, darkest, dreariest day.

So, don’t lock your bike away - keep riding. Don’t think too much about how bad it might be, instead don’t think about it at all. Just get dressed and get out the door and get riding. Most of the time is never as bad as you think it will be. And the reward for having gotten out will be immeasurable.

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Mountainbike downhill race on the glacier with on-board camera

Published by Macedonian Honey in 09. Entertainment · 16/7/2015 10:19:00
Tags: bikingadventuremountainglacierrace
Discover the first 2mins of the race on the glacier with this on-board camera during Megavalanche. Jamie Nicoll attached a camera to his bike helmet before the start of the Megavalanche and managed to get 7th !
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