Albert Einstein once predicted that if bees were to disappear, man would follow only a few years later.

By creating a new way of beekeeping and inventing a new beehive - ElleHive - we work for one common goal - survival of the honeybee. Our bees become stronger and their genetic material provide future bee generations easily to deal with predators and climate changes. Protecting endangered honeybee is not an altruistic venture - we are attempting to safeguard our own future. Honeybees as major pollinatirs are essential for the plant and ecosystem biodiversity.


Our short lives are inextricably intertwined with the earth’s many creatures and the places they inhabit. Beekeeping, then, isn’t just a way of finding a new home for the rapidly disappearing insects; it’s also a way of better understanding the very environment in which we ourselves live.

Ognjen Fidanoski

Inventor, Beekeeper

Elena Fidanoska


Goran Stefanovski

Sales, Distribution

Our first goal is to educate the public about the struggle of the honey bee and their recent decline. Our second goal is to produce raw 100% pure all natural honey that you can feel good about.
Macedonian Honey (SZS-FE) is an all natural beekeeping operation based in Macedonia. We use no chemicals, no acids, no antibiotics, no fungicides, no harsh treatments and most importantly, no filtering techniques in our operation

Our hives are sited 1600 m up on the Bistra and Stogovo mountain ranges, South-West Macedonia (Balkan Peninsula) near the cities of Debar and Kicevo, 100km from Adriatic Sea where the wildflowers are pure and untouched. 

We place our hives in hidden spots around the countryside where the wildflowers are pure and untouched. We leave our bees alone to do what they naturally do best. We then collect all the surplus honey and place it in Tsp size Honeystick's.

Our numbers in 2016

Macedonian Honey through numbers.



on high altitude where the flowers are pure and untouched.


Millions Bees

from our apiaries are polinating around. Additional 2,5 millions wild bees are swarming from our apiaries.


Kg of Honey produced.

Unique blend consist of pure honey+polen, propolis, wax+vitamins, minerals+enzymes&antioxidants+phytonutrients


Customers served.



Honeystick - Always at hand

Great! The Honey is amazing. The whole clinic is asking for it.

Velo Vertical Vienne powered by Macedonian Honey

Fascinantno dobro nemam što da dodadam na pakovanjeto. Super e što ne moraš da otvaraš tegli pa drveni ili keramički lažičinja da ne oksidira medot i t n. Mnogu ubava zamisla za sekoja prigoda na sekoe mesto. Bravo!!!

FANTASTIC! You can officially get Macedonian Honey now online and shipped to you anywhere worldwide! I learned about this company in July when I gave a presentation at HUB Skopje - I tried it and it is so delicious with my tea!

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We are fortunate to have fantastic partners and supporters who help make our work possible.

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Address: Ehloec, 41A
Phone: +38971756021